Decimalisation in the mid-1960s saw a number of new numismatics collection societies formed. One was the ANZ Bank Numismatic Society, which was formed in 1965. It had direct links to the Bank.

Ten years later, the society commemorated the ANZ Bank's Gothic Bank in Bourke Street Melbourne by the issue of a medal (NU 16030 and 16031). A banking museum is now based in the bank, featuring changing displays illustrating the history of Australian banking and ANZ's part in world banking. Money boxes, office machines, gold mining equipment and staff uniforms are included. The following year it was one of many organisations to issue a medal to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Australia's federation (NU 35388, 35390 and 35396). Their medals were issued by K.G. Luke.

Eventually all of the members associated directly with the Bank gave up collecting, and only non-banking people were members, although they still met in the bank's facilities. The Society may have faded out of existance.

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