Hyde's Marine Store was listed in a Melbourne directory for the first time in 1862, at 11 Albert Street East Melbourne. Between 1863 and 1865 he was listed as being in a partnership with Richard Hodgson (Hyde, Hodgson & Co.) in Albert Street, Emerald Hill. In 1866 and 1867 he was once again listed at 11 Albert Street East Melbourne. In 1868 his store was listed as a Rag Merchant's business at 120 Lonsdale Street West, before becoming a Marine Store for 1869 and 1870.

John Hope states that the firm's principal business was dealing in second hand and scrap goods, "bottles, rags, bones and scrap metals."

Hyde issued a penny and a halfpenny in 1857, and again in 1861. Although Hyde's tokens have been associated with medalist W.J. Taylor, it is probable that they were made by Heaton & Sons of Birmingham.


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