Samuel Coombes was a tailor, born about 1837, whose main store was in Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. He also had a store in Albert Street, Grahamstown. According to a biographical sketch prepared by New Zealand numismatist H.A. Robinson, Coombes was "was the only issuer of currency tokens in New Zealand who put his portrait on his tokens. He is depicted in the style of the day, full face, with side whiskers, and like King Henry VIII, whom he resembled, he made the mistake of showing his portrait almost full on, with nose protruding, instead of in profile."

Despite his unfortunate choice of portrait, it seems Coombes made very sensible business choices, as he appears that he owned an arcade at 86 Queen Street, in addition to having his own business there.

Coombes issued three varieties of copper penny tokens, and possibly a fourth, according to Robinson.

Robinson, H.A. (1974). "Auckland Tradesmen's Tokens", The New Zealand Numismatic Journal, May, p.138.

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