The Towers Pastoral, Agricultural and Mining Association organises the annual Charters Towers Show. Show events include animal contests. It is a member of the North Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies.

Charters Towers is located in the northern region of Queensland, 130 km south-west of Townsville. Hugh Mosman, George Clarke, John Fraser and Jupiter Mosman found rich gold reefs in the area in December 1871. On the 26 January 1872 Mosman presented his claim to Gold Commissioner W.S.E.M. Charters at Ravenswood. The discoverers went on to name the place in his honour. Prospectors began to arrive within two months. A business area with access to permanent water was marked out on a low ridge north of Mosman's Camp. Here the first storekeepers, blacksmiths, butchers and hoteliers went to work. The Municipality of Charters Towers was declared in June 1877. The peak gold yield was in 1899. Over a hundred poppet legs rose above the town and 20,000 people enjoyed a quality of life unexcelled in Colonial Queensland. Gold was effectively mined out by World War I but educational and health facilities developed during the boom sustained the town as a significant regional centre for the cattle industry of the Dalrymple area today.

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