William Allen, like his brother John from Kiama, ordered tokens from J.C. Thornthwaite in 1855. And like John, he rejected his tokens because of their dismal appearance. According to Andrews, Thornthwaite sold them to the tollbridge keeper at the Annandale bridge 'who passed them on in change to the hapless wayfarers.' (Andrews, p.11).

The only likely reference to William Allen located at the time of writing is in Samson's National Directory of New South Wales for 1867-1868. A Mr W. Allen is listed as residing in Albion Park, in the Kiama district of New South Wales at that time. No further details are given in the directory.

Pers. Comm., 20/4/2005: A string of three advertisements located in the Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 1857, indicate that William Allen may have had a business in Sydney, as well as in Kiama. The first two are for 'Swiss Cheese', in English and German; the third advertises 'Illawarra Cheese and Butter', available at the premises of  'Willam Allen & Co., 317 George St.'. Given the connection of Allen's name and Illawarra, it seems plausible, although not certain, that this was the same man.

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