Grenoble Gloves Pty Ltd was a glove manufacturing and importing business in Melbourne, operating from about 1946 until 1991. The business was established about 1946 by Felix Ticho (1911-1991), who had migrated to Australia in 1939.

The name Grenoble Gloves presumably derived from the fact that Grenoble, France has been a major centre of leather glove making for two centuries.

Felix Ticho established the business in Melbourne House, 360 Little Bourke Street, initially on the second floor, and later on the 5th floor. At its peak the company employed 7-10 staff and also used pieceworkers. The company made fashion gloves and golf gloves, and imported military gloves for the Australian defence forces.

Most of the leather would have been imported, although the business also experimented with using kangaroo leather and made the first kangaroo gloves in Australia. Attempts to export kangaroo gloves to Japan were unsuccessful, due to the unreliable quality of the leather.

In about 1983 the business moved to 61 St John St, Prahran.

The Grenoble Gloves Collection comprises nearly 400 items, and includes a press for stamping leather, studding machine, hand tools, glove patterns, leather samples and price lists and trade literature.

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