At the Newmarket Saleyards, drovers would herd the cattle or sheep into holding yards and would then leave a ticket or 'pass' in the box allocated to the stock agent they were working for. This pass indicated the number of animals delivered to the pens. Drafters worked throughout the night to sort the animals, ready for the start of sales. After the sale, drovers collected their passes which stated the number of animals to be taken out of the saleyards. This number was required to tally with the number counted by the Melbourne City Council employee as the livestock passed through the gates at the Epsom Road underpass, the Main Lane, or any other delivery outlet. The numbers on the pass were used to calculate the yard dues and charges which had to be paid by the Agents.

Vincent, K. 1992, On the fall of the hammer : a personal history of Newmarket saleyards, Lee White ed, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

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