Mr and Mrs Proudfoot's Bedroom is one of 21 rooms in the dolls' house Pendle Hall. It was designed and decorated by Felicity Clemons over a forty year period, and each piece of furniture and fixture was handmade by her. She used books and magazines for inspiration, and to achieve a high level of accuracy in the design and execution of each item.

It is medium sized room in the basement of the house, where Pendle Hall's butler and cook, Mr and Mrs Proudfoot sleep. They are the head servants of the household, so have their own bedroom near the front of the house.

On the left hand wall is a wooden bedside table, with a lower storage section. On top are two small framed pictures, while on the bottom is a book. Next to the table is a wooden double bed, with carved bedheads, covered in a red and white floral bedspread. Next to this is a wooden trunk, with metal fixtures and a domed lid. Two framed religious painting hang on this wall

In the left hand back corner is a three tiered wooden wash stand. On the top level is a small shelf on which stands a white cup, on the middle level is a large hole, and two small cups recessed into the wood on either side. On the lowest level is a white china bowl. A small wooden framed mirror hangs to the right of the wash stand.

In the right hand back corner is a small open fire place, containing firewood. Above it is a recessed mantle, which holds two candlesticks, two framed pictures, and a green bowl of red flowers. A framed painting hangs above the mantle, and two smaller framed pictures hang to the left.

On the right hand wall is a round red hatbox, with destination stickers on the side. Next to this is a wooden chest of drawers, with some books, a framed picture and an ornament on top. To the right is a low wooden chair.

On the back wall is a long rectangular sash window, with a pair of red and white checked curtains. On the front right hand wall is a door to a small hallway. In front of the bed and in front of the fireplace are small red woven mats with white fringing. The walls are painted white, and the floor is wooden.

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