The pantry is one of 21 rooms in the dolls' house Pendle Hall. It was designed and decorated by Felicity Clemons over a forty year period, and each piece of furniture and fixture was handmade by her. She used books and magazines for inspiration, and to achieve a high level of accuracy in the design and execution of each item.

It is small room in the basement of the house, next to the kitchen. It was used to store the household's crockery, cutlery, glassware, cookware and other items used to prepare and serve food and drink.

Along both the left hand wall and the right hand wall are a row of built in cupboards, with drawers along the bottom, and glass fronted cabinets, with sliding doors, along the top. Along the back wall is a lower set of built in cupboards and drawers. Inside the cabinets on the right are three glass carafes, while below this sits a glass jug and bowl.

A bench top runs along the top of the lower cupboards. In the centre of the back cupboards is a sink, with a brass tap above it. Below the sink is a wooden towel rack.

At the centre of the back wall is a small rectangular sash window, through which a garden view can be seen. On the front left wall is a door to the kitchen, while on the front right hand wall is a door to the cellar. There is a light fitting in the ceiling. The floor has the appearance of stone blocks.

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