The Oak Bedroom is one of 21 rooms in the dolls' house Pendle Hall. It was designed and decorated by Felicity Clemons over a forty year period, and each piece of furniture and fixture was handmade by her. She used books and magazines for inspiration, and to achieve a high level of accuracy in the design and execution of each item.

It is a medium sized room on the second floor of the house, directly above the bathroom and first floor landing. It is so called because of its heavily carved oak furniture.

In the back left hand corner is a dark wooden tester bed, which has a carved wooden bedhead and canopy, held up by two turned posts. The bed has a mattress and an orange bedspread. At the end of the bed is a wooden trunk with a domed lid, which is covered by a green fabric.

Next to the bed is a wooden bedside table, which holds a candlestick and a clear glass carafe and glass. In the back right hand corner is a curved corner chest of drawers, on which sits a small framed picture and a candlestick.

On the right hand wall is a wooden chest of drawers, on which sits a wooden swivelling mirror, on a turned wooden support, and a candlestick. In front of it is a small wooden footstool, upholstered with a green velvet material. Next to it is a wooden carver chair, with a back and seat upholstered in a green velvet material.

On the left hand wall is a door to the blue bedroom. On the back wall is a large rectangular sash window, with a pair of orange velvet curtains. The walls are painted cream and are decorated with gold painted plaster moulding, with green and gold wallpaper inserts. The ceiling is high and decorated with an elaborate plaster moulded design. The floor is covered with an intricately designed parquetry.

Along the front is a strip of multicoloured parquetry, signifying a separate hallway. At the end of this is a door to the blue bedroom.

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