The Boxhill Township Estate Company Ltd. Scrip issued to Cornelius Job Ham of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
[Registered Office not listed]
22 September 1890
Capital: 60,000 Pounds in 600 Shares of 100 Pounds each
Certificate No. 166

The holder of these shares was Cornelius Job Ham, a famous Melbourne auctioneer and estate agent, city councillor and parliamentarian, and a close associate of many of the 1880s property speculators.

Obverse Description

Printed on white stock, both sides, black printed lettering and black, handwritten text. Border on left side of page.


The scrip is significant as an example of the extensive land speculation that occurred in Melbourne in the 1880s. The holder of the shares, Cornelius Job Ham, was a principal of the land and commission agents firm C. J. & T. Ham, established in 1855, and a famous Melbourne auctioneer and estate agent. An active temperance worker and president of the YMCA, Ham was mayor of the City of Melbourne, 1881-82 and Member of the Legislative Council for Melbourne, 1882-1904. A close associate of the most famous land boomers, he himself co-founded the Australian Deposit and Mortgage Bank, which suspended payments in 1892. [R. Gillespie, 12 Jan 2006]

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