The Melbourne Land Company Ltd. Scrip issued to H.B. Higgins Esq. of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
[Registered Office not listed]
31 August 1888
Capital: 100,000 Pounds in 100,000 Shares of 1 Pound each
Certificate No. 7

The holder of the shares, Henry Bournes Higgins (1851-1929) was a successful Melbourne lawyer in the 1880s; he became a member of the Victorian parliament in1894, was a delegate to Federal Convention 1897-99, a federal politician from 1901, and appointed a justice of the High Court in 1906. As president of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, he delivered the Harvester Judgement.

Obverse Description

Printed on white stock, both sides, black printed lettering and black, handwritten text. Elaborate panel with geometric patterning at left side of page.


The scrip is significant as an example of the extensive land speculation that occurred in Melbourne in the 1880s.

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