A book titled "The Byte Guide to CP/M-86", by Mark Dahmke, published by McGraw-Hill 1980.

From Preface: "CP/M has become the de facto standard operating system for the 8080, 8085, Z80, and 8086/8088 microprocessors. "De facto" does not necessarily imply best. CP/M on the 8080 or Z80 has its particular problems. CP/M-86 (the subject of this book) carries forward some of those problems. FOr the most part, CP/M has been a positive influence in the world of microcomputers because it helped to standardize software. It is now possible to buy any of hundreds of "CP/M compatible programs," load them, and realistically expect them to work."

Physical Description

An approximately 260 page book, soft cover, bound spine. Glossy cover with blue background, and white, blue and purple text. Rear cover has extensive printed white text. White pages with extensive printed black text and diagrams. Price sticker on top right corner of front cover.

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