Copy of the artwork that was displayed on the banks of the Yarra River, interpreting the Longnose Butterfly Fish and the Clown Anemone Fish which featured in the River Show for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. The artwork for the Longnose Butterfly fish was copied from the watercolour by Graham McGuffie. McGuffie did watercolours of all 72 of the aquatic animals that were created for the River Parade.

The River Parade featured in the Opening Ceremony of the Games, when the Queen's Baton was carried down the length of the Parade space in the middle of the Yarra River, across pontoons supporting 71 sculptures of aquatic creatures, interspersed with pontoons illustrated with the flags of all 71 nations competing in the Games.

Physical Description

A4 white page with information about the two fishes illustrated on it, and the two Commonwealth countries that they represented in the River Parade staged as part of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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