Apple I Replica - assembled printed circuit board mounted on MDF base, invoice, manual, and box. The replica was built from a kit in 2006.

The original Apple I was designed and manufactured in 1976.

Apple was an early marketer of components in kit form (Altair was the first), from which electronics enthusiasts could make their own personal computer. It was sold as a consumer item for only a few months, but was to be the precursor to the highly successful Apple II released in 1977, which came with its electronic components assembled in a moulded plastic case with an integrated keyboard, was the first commercially successful mass market personal computer to be designed as a household or small business item, and which introduced a generation of school children and teachers and businesses to desktop computing.

The Apple I contained a 6502 microprocessor chip, memory chip, input/output chip. graphic chip and keyboard and video connectors. There was no power supply, keyboard or TV monitor.

A manual and an invoice accompany the replica.

The replica is a functional representation of the hardware and built-in software (firmware) of the original Apple I computer. The built-in software allows users to enter hexadecimal coding (assembly language) and also incorporates a BASIC language interpreter. The original was larger, had a different layout and the number of components was greater.

The replica was assembled in 2006 from a kit supplied by Briel Computers and donated by the Internet Macintosh User Group.

It has been programmed and works just like the original Apple I.

As with the original Apple I, when one of the people who assembled the replica demonstrated it, he had to supply a keyboard, a TV set and a power supply. This was the first computer of its type to use a keyboard for input and character output to a screen. Previously, computers used switches for input and flashing lights for output.

During construction, the replica was tested and slightly modified by adding a small amount of capacitance to the video chip using a pair of twisted wires to eliminate unwanted oscillations due to the chip's instability.

Part of a representative collection of hardware, software, trade literature and promotional material that documents the history of the Apple company, and its contribution to, and impact on the computer industry and society.

Physical Description

Box: gold coloured with apple logos assembled printed circuit board mounted on MDF base Manual 25 pages (un-numbered) A4 Invoice


Statement of significance
The Apple I was the first Apple computer and one of the first computers to use a keyboard and have character output to a screen. Previously, computers used switches for input and flashing lights for output.

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