Apple II computer incorporating a PAL TV card, floppy disk interface card, serial communications card and a memory expansion card.

The Apple II Computer was the first commercially successful mass market personal computer to be designed as a household or small business item. It came with a moulded plastic case and integrated keyboard, The Apple II could be carried around and any TV set used as a display screen. It had colour graphics and sound capability.

A subsequent more compact model, the IIc, featured an integrated floppy drive, a carry handle and optional LCD screen, making it the first truly mobile personal computer. They were widely used in businesses and schools. It introduced a generation of school children and teachers and businesses to desktop computing.

This Apple II was initially used with cassette tape data recording and retrieval system. Subsequently floppy disks were used.

The first Apple II was manufactured in 1977. This particular machine was purchased in 1979, and used by a former lord mayor of Melbourne and her partner, an architect.

Physical Description

Beige moulded plastic case with a built-in QWERTY keyboard and includes four plug in expansion cards: 1. Memory expansion card.of unknown manufacturer.Includes the number MW 02A-9-81. 2. Communications board manufactured by Apple Computer Inc. This card has a 25 pin D-type connector. 3. Floppy disk interface card for two 5.25 inch disk drives manufactured by Apple. 4. A PAL video interface card of unknown manufacturer with a coaxial video cable. A spare video cable with a male to female adapter plug is stored within the computer case (104mm)

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