Poster features a bark painting by Aboriginal artist Paddy Fordham Wainburranga. The poster represents the story of Captain Cook as the Rembarrnga people recall it, expressed here in a bark painting and retold in the text panel. It was published as part of the 'We Have Survived' series in 1988. Produced by the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-Operative, with the assistance of the Northern and Central Land Councils, this series comprised special edition posters on the theme 'We have survived'. Participating artists created artworks which both celebrated Indigenous art and culture as well as explored the legal, justice and social issues affecting the lives of Indigenous Australians. Themes addressed included colonisation, land rights, sovereignty, unequal access to education, and the Stolen Generations.

Physical Description

Colour ink on paper. Orange-brown background with a photograph of a bark painting. Text panel titled 'Captain Cook' runs vertically along right portion; white border with printed text on lower margin.


Captain Cook

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