Poster features the artwork 'Making a pathway against the odds' by Kamilaroi/Wonnarua artist, Alice Hinton-Bateup. Printed text on orange background reads: '... no child whatever its creed or colour or circumstances ought to be excluded from a public school. But cases may arise; especially amongst the Aboriginal tribes where the admission of a child or children may be prejudicial to the whole school... This regulation was withdrawn from the teacher handbook in 1972...'.

The poster was published as part of the 'We Have Survived' series in 1988. Produced by the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-Operative, with the assistance of the Northern and Central Land Councils, this series comprised special edition posters on the theme 'We have survived'. Participating artists created artworks which both celebrated Indigenous art and culture as well as explored the legal, justice and social issues affecting the lives of Indigenous Australians. Themes addressed included colonisation, land rights, sovereignty, unequal access to education, and the Stolen Generations.

Physical Description

Colour ink on paper. Title: 'making a pathway against the odds'. Features an artwork depicting an Aboriginal woman graduating. Printed text in black.


making a pathway against the odds

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