Work Card issued to Katarina Pimenowa (also Kateryna) by the Government of the Greater German Reich (commonly known as Nazi Germany or the Third Reich), dated 24 January 1944. These cards were issued to workers from the occupied eastern territories and states that it is only valid as long as the user is working as instructed.

Kateryna Caurs (nee Pimenow) was born in 1915 in Luzk, Poland. A mechanical engineer, from 1946-49, she worked with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) and later for the International Refugee Organisation (IRO). In 1950 Kateryna and her mother migrated to Australia. She married Alexander Caurs who was born in Latvia in 1926, and who migrated to Australia in 1948.

Description of Content

Part translation: working card for the labor forces out of the occupied east zones. Issued to Katarina Pimenow. Includes B/W Image of Katarina with no 1342 on sign around her neck. 2 fingerprints. 3 x stamps official Nazi.

Physical Description

Yellowing card with black print and details filled out in black type. It includes a black and white image of Katarina with no 1342 on sign around her neck. There are also two fingerprints on the card and three purple official Nazi stamps.


Statement of Historical Significance:
The Caurs collection represents the experiences of wartime dislocation and post-war immigration of a family from three cultural backgrounds, Polish, Latvian and Ukrainian. The principle story represented in the collection is that of Kateryna Caurs (nee Pimenow) and is one not often told, that of a professional educated woman, a mechanical engineer, whose qualifications were recognised in Australia.

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