Black and white photograph in brown card folder. Portrait of 'H.V. McKay, aged about 20' taken by Bartlett Bros., Sandhurst (Bendigo), 1885.

Hugh Victor McKay was born 21 August 1865, and grew up on a farm in Drummartin near Elmore, Victoria.

Driven by frustration with the slow and laborious nature of farm work, and fueled by a persistent and inventive mind, McKay searched for a better and more efficient way of harvesting wheat. At the age of 18 he developed the Sunshine stripper harvester, a machine which revolutionized farming.

Described as a "self-made man with a strong and independent character", McKay was lauded for his vision, energy and business success. His influence was also felt in industrial, economic and political areas, social welfare, local development, and overseas trade.

This image forms part of the extensive H. V. McKay Sunshine Collection which includes images, business and personal archives, films, objects, trade publications and oral histories.

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Portrait of H.V. McKay, aged about 20 years.

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Black and white photograph in brown card folder. Handwritten text on reverse in blue ink.

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