One of two plaster moulds of left hand side relief profile of HV McKay made by Wallace Anderson, between 1926 and 1928. The moulds would have been made after H.V. McKay's death on 21 May 1926, but before letter which accompanies them was written in 1928.

Wallace Anderson worked as an artist for the Australian War Museum, located in an annexe of the Melbourne Exhibition Building from 1920-1930. In 1930 he worked independently as a sculptor, and between 1944-46 he moved to Canberra to work again for the Australian War Memorial. In 1947 he resumed private practice in Melbourne. Anderson's most famous work is 'Simpson and his Donkey' (1935), and a series of busts of nine former Australian prime ministers located in the Ballarat Botanic Gardens (1939-45).

This mould forms part of the H. V. McKay Collection, which includes an extensive collection of business records, photographs, film, trade publications and artefacts relating the H.V. McKay and his agricultural enterprise.

Physical Description

Plaster mould of relief profile.

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