IBM Selectric Element printer, Model 5215, manufactured by International Business Machines (IBM), circa 1980. The printer could be used with the IBM Displaywriter to form a stand-alone word processing system.

Physical Description

Cream coloured plastic casing and brown plastic paper feed section. A brown knob protrudes from each side. Front face has a brown background panel with three indicator lights (Power, Ready, Ribbon); blue, yellow and green buttons, and a red on/off switch. Notepaper attached (with masking tape) with typewritten and handwritten text. Two horizontal scales above control panel with ranges 0 to 125 and 0 to 150. Grey-coloured, plastic sheathed power cable and black, plastic sheathed communication cable with D connector. Manufacturer's label on top of machine. Detached label (from rear) stored in plastic bag and attached to machine.

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