Officer's mess waistcoat, which was worn by Robert McKeeman Oakley, an officer in the Victorian Artillery Garrison, from 1892-1901, and in the Australian Garrison Artillery from 1901. There are no identifying maker's marks.

It would have been worn below the Officer's Mess Jacket.

Physical Description

Scarlet, closed fronted waistcoat with short stand collar and pointed fronts. Collar and fronts decorated with gold lace. Welt pocket on each front trimmed with gold braid that forms a crowsfoot and eye at each corner and a crowsfoot above and below. Left front has a row of small pointed gilt studs and the waistcoat is fastened with alternate brass hooks and eyes on each front. Triangular panel of cotton fabric inserted into back seam. Straps on back same fabric as waistcoat, with brass buckle. Waistcoat fully lined with cream cotton twill.

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