Alternative Name: Tunic.

Full Dress Jacket, worn by a gunner in the Victorian Horse Artillery. The design of each uniform was strictly spelt out in military regulations. The red collar shows this uniform belonged to one of the gunners. The officers wore jackets glittering with gold lace and gold cord.

The volunteer corps reflected Melbourne's social hierarchies. Wealthy landowner and grazier Sir William Clarke founded the horse artillery and based it at his property Rupertswood, near Sunbury. His son Rupert commanded the battery. The Clarkes provided 60 horses for the horse artillery, at substantial cost.

Physical Description

Black wool; extensive gold-coloured cotton braid; frogging in front; scroll design at back and sleeves. Body of jacket and collar completely edged with same braid. Stand collar with insert of red fabric. Gilt globe buttons, with crown, cross with five stars, and inscription. One button is flatter, and is the same as the button on the shoulders; one is smaller than the rest. Insignia on sleeve shows two crossed flags in gold bullion, with inscription.

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