Packaging label for Cine-Kodak Kodachrome Type A 'safety color film for artificial light'. The label is yellow, red, blue, green and black, and is unused. It refers to a pack of 12 rolls of film of 100 feet in length, and is made by Kodak Australasia in Melbourne.

Kodachrome processing started in the Kodak factory at Abbotsford in 1936. This was after Dr Neil Lewis and Mr Jack Monteith visited Kodak in Rochester to establish the requirements for setting up the facility. A new four storey building to be known as the "Kodachrome Building" was built for £300,000. Mr Stan Hawkins was the manager of the new department and remained so until the 1960s. 35mm slide, 16mm and 8mm movie films, as well as duplicates of motion picture films were processed at the facility.

Physical Description

Large colour printed label. Yellow, black. blue, red and green background with black, red and yellow text.

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