Lapel badge or button, otherwise known as a fundraising badge for the "Discharged Soldiers' Fund for Our Returned Soldiers". It was made to raise funds for the South Australian Discharged Soldiers' Fund. The fund raised over 500,000 pounds during World War I.

Physical Description

Circular pressed metal badge with a plastic covered obverse, and a metal back with an attached pin. Printed text and graphics appears in black, light brown, brown, green, white, and gold ink. On the obverse, printed text is enclosed within a gold, almost heart-shaped motif, which is surrounded by a wreath, and surmounted by a star. The background is brown, and it is enclosed within a white border, and a gold border. Text in black ink appears on the bottom edge of the badge. The badge is discoloured and soiled. There are brown stains on the obverse. The metal back of the badge is tarnished, has spots of rust, and the original silver coloured coating has almost completely worn away.

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