Lapel badge or button, otherwise known as a fundraising or patriotic badge, "Our Fighting Men", produced for the Australian Comforts Fund. The badge was made by A. Patrick, who had branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The Australian Comforts Fund was formed on 24 August 1916 from the amalgamation of state based organisations, which had been active since the beginning of World War I, raising money for food and other supplies to send to troops.

Physical Description

Circular pressed metal badge with a plastic covered obverse, and a metal back with an attached pin. Printed text and an illustration appears in red, blue, khaki green, white and beige ink on the obverse. In the centre, the upper body of a soldier, wearing a slouch hat with a rising sun hat badge, with a bayonet is visible in front of the Australian flag. This scene is enclosed within a white circle with red text, and a khaki green outer circle. Printed text in blue ink appears on the bottom edge of the badge. The badge is discoloured and soiled. The metal back of the badge is tarnished, and the original silver coloured coating has almost completely worn away.

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