Brown leather wallet belonging to Sapper Alfred George Finlay Galbraith, who died in France on 15 July 1916. Alfred lived at 5 McKay St, Essendon. His war service records have been digitized by the National Archives.

After he was killed in action, this wallet was shipped with Sapper Galbraith's other personal effects to his next-of-kin, his father Alfred Galbraith. Included in the packet were identity discs, a bible, two wallets, letters, photographs, two diaries, a pipe in a case, a cigarette holder, a tie clip, a steel mirror and six coins.

Physical Description

Brown leather wallet with machine stitching and beige coloured button.There are pockets inside for holding cash and other documents. There is an inscription written in pencil on the inside flap with the owner's name and address and the year the wallet was received (presumably).

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