Alternative Name(s): Ration Ticket, Ration Coupons

Ration card for bread consumption issued in Leipzig, Germany, for the period 22 July - 18 August 1919, months after the end of World War I. It is printed German with a modern hand-written inscription at bottom.

The card was found with a small hand-written text label which suggests it may have been previously displayed by Museum Victoria with other ration cards. The text label reads: 'Six Ration Cards. Leipzig. Anhalt. Berlin / 1918 - 1923'.

Early in World War I the British established a naval blockade of Germany and its allies to exert economic pressure. The blockade even included foodstuffs, leading to significant shortages and even famine in Germany, which may have led to significant deaths from starvation (disagreement on the impacts of the blockade continues to this day). Rationing was introduced in an attempt to manage the crisis, continuing into the post-war years.

Physical Description

Thin card printed on one side with black text. There are pin holes in each corner. Black back.

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