Gilt and emamel badge inscribed 'MY COUNTRY FIRST ' on white map of Australia, and inscribed 'PROTECT ITS INDUSTRIES ' and 'BUY ITS GOODS' on boomerangs. Made by Stokes and Sons, Melbourne, circa 1930s.

The badge supports the protection of Australian industries, a common sentiment around the time of Federation and reflected in Commonwealth Government policy. It was possibly produced as part of the campaign by the Australian Natives' Association to promote Australia-made goods. The Australian Natives' Association was a Friendly Society which provided benefits to its Australian-born members. It was a staunch supporter of trade protection and immigration restriction, and Prime Minister Alfred Deakin was a member.

Physical Description

Gilt and enamel badge featuring six-pointed star-shaped with white map of mainland Australia in centre. Black boomerangs are positioned at top and bottom of star.

Obverse Description

"MY COUNTRY FIRST " in gilt on white map of Australia, "PROTECT ITS INDUSTRIES " AND "BUY ITS GOODS" in gilt on boomerangs.

Reverse Description

Stamped " STOKES & SONS / MELB" on reverse.

More Information