Document, with a set of three black and white photographs, relating to the migration experiences of Julia Toth, while in a refugee camp in Austria. There is also extensive text detailing the story of her migration to Australia. Julia Szucs (later Toth) fled Hungary with her husband following the 1956 uprising, after spending time in an Austrian refugee camp, the couple migrated to Australia in 1957. Julia's husband later passed away and she married fellow Hungarian refugee Julius Toth.

Physical Description

A4 grey card entitled "IN TRANSITION BETWEEN OLD AND NEW LIFE", with black typewritten text with three black and white landscape photographs adhered to the card with gold photo corners.

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    Images & Image Making, Migration & Cultural Diversity

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mr Julius Toth, by Jul 2001

  • Maker

    Julia Toth, Clayton, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1999

  • Place & Date Depicted

    Linz, Austria, 15 Mar 1957

  • Format

    Photograph, Black & White

  • Inscriptions

    Typewritten, in black ink: IN TRANSITION BETWEEN OLD AND NEW LIFE In 1956 after a failed arms struggle to secure freedom in Hungary, fearing persecution, we escaped to Austria from the Communist regime. After we registered to migrate to Australia, we spent several months in a disused army barracks, waiting for our papers to come through. While there, we made all effort to keep our dignity and cultural heritage alive. Such an act was on the 14th of March, when we realised that we had no flag for next day's Hungarian national day's celebration. In a hurry, my late husband Joseph Szucs designed and I (with some other girls help) stitched together a nice flag overnight. The material was donated by the local red cross. On the way to Australia without any money and four months pregnant, to make life a little easier, my husband (a qualified industrial chemist) asked for and got a job in the ship's kitchen, during the four weeks voyage. After it was cleared of the bombs and declared safe, we were among the first ships to cross the Suez-canal, after the 1956 war, and it was a highlight of our journey when we reached the other end of the canal. In relief and thanks giving we sang the Italian anthem. The other, (this time a light-hearted episode) came when we crossed the equator. Opposite page; Our boarding pass and information booklet of the Halan Oceanliner FLAMINIA, the ship we sailed in from Trist to Melbourne. Julia Toth 1999

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    Migration, Life stories

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    History & Technology

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    210 mm (Width), 298 mm (Height)

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    Displaced Persons, Hungarian Communities, Hungarian Immigration, Immigrant Voyages, Immigration