This is a short promotional catalogue relating specifically to the S.M.H. Hay Press which is advertised as 'Easy to Store, Easier to Feed, Easier to Sell, More Nutriment, Less Fire Risk'.

The target audience of this publication appears to be owners of small to medium acreage properties. The document promotes the labour, cost and time saving benefits of the No. 2 S.M.H. Hay Press. Full specifications are provided for components, and photographs show the equipment in detail from multiple angles. The publication also notes the suitability of the Sunshine Power Mower, Sunshine Side Delivery Rake and Sunshine Pick Up Baler for lager properties and provides brief descriptions and photographs of use in paddocks of dry crop.

Aesthetically the publication is bold and relatively simple in design and format. The front of the flyer shows a photo of an S.M.H. Hay Press set against a white circle which is reminiscent of earlier H.V. McKay sun iconography. The leaflet also shows the shift in the H.V. McKay Massey Harris Pty Ltd business from marketing the McKay name specifically, which is only noted once on the final page.


'BALED HAY ... is BETTER HAY! ... S.M.H. HAY PRESS' L620, 368, Rm, 252

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