Marketing brochure for the British-made Albion binders and mowers. The first page includes details that H.V. McKay were the 'sole agent for Australia and Tasmania' as well as information about the state branches, state telegraphic addresses of the company. It also outlines that stocks of duplicate parts are 'carried at all branches, and at numerous country agencies throughout the states'.

The inside page also outlines that 'the Sunshine Harvester Works are reached in 20 minutes by train from Spencer Street Railway Station, and Farmers visiting Melbourne are cordially invited to inspect the Factory, which is the largest and best-equipped Implement Works south of the Equator' . The Inside front cover illustrates the numerous awards that Albion machines have won. Rear cover illustrates an Albion horse drawn mower. Inside rear cover is a detailed line drawing of an aerial 'View of the Sunshine Harvester Works'.

Testimonials of farmers who used the Albion Binder are also included: W.J. Smith (Milang, SA), Andrew P. Hunter (Matong, NSW), James Orr ('Balvenie', Clyde, NSW), P.W. Raleigh (Wanalta, Vic), T.J. Schumann (Lascelles, Vic), F.W. Jeffery ('Greenvale Farm', Melton, Vic).

Physical Description

Booklet, with colour illustration on front cover and the title: 'The "Albion" Binders, Mowers, etc./Made in England/H.V. McKay/Sunshine Harvester Works/Sunshine.' 20 pages, line drawings and description of equipment.



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