Pocket size booklet presenting a summary guide of the complete product range manufactured, imported and dsitributed by H.V. McKay's Sunshine Harvester Works and the firm's various interstate branches and agents. A brief description is provided for each product type together with simple line drawings illustrating many of the key product types. The publication was printed by the Sunshine Harvester Press at the Sunshine Harvester Works.

Descriptions of equipment includes marketing statements. For example: 'The Sundersower 'is a combination of the stump-jump disc cultivator and sungrain fertilizer distributor. Enables the Mallee Farmer to plough and sow large areas in one operation.' (page 17). 'The Sunrise Stump-Jump Disc Plough. ...The Plough of the Pioneer. Works on the hardest soil and in rough conditions where other ploughs are useless.' (page 23). 'Sunnie Light Set Disc Ploughs...The most popular Disc Plough in Australia.' (page 22). 'Sunpet Engine 1 1/2 H.P.... The Dairy Maid can run it.' (page 7).

Page 28 includes information about the factory: 35 acres, employing 2,000 workers including 200 Returned Soldiers. The equipment is warranted and 'backed by a corps of experts in Australia. These experts are mostly sons of Australian famers, with farm experience and factory training.'

Page 29 lists coloured catalogues available.

Inside rear cover has line drawing of 'Daily train load of Harvesting Machinery leaving Sunshine Works', with chimneys and clock tower behind the train carriages.

Physical Description

Pocket sized 30 page illustrated booklet.



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