A small format abridged catalogue of Australian Farm Machinery manufactured in Australia by H.V. Mckay Sunshine Works showcases over 50 products. Each product has a simple line drawing and brief description, often ending with a subjective saying - "will plough the hardest soil". The front cover features an idealised illustration of a farmer on a reaper and binder within an art deco frame. The rear cover gives a short company narrative about the works and employees. It states that in busy seasons it employs over 2000 Australian artisans, and a large proportion of farmers sons and returned soldiers. It goes on to champion the products as the most highly esteemed implements in the Commonwealth. "They are lowest in price, but highest in value". As is often seen in H.V.McKay literature, finally the reader is cordially invited to inspect the works or request a free quotation or catalogue to be posted. The customer is also reassured of "liberal cash discount, or extended easy terms".

The booklet features brief description and line drawings of: Sunshine Stripper Harvester, Sunshine Reaper and Binder, Sunshine Header Harvester, Crop Lifting Device for Header Harvester, Sun Grain and Fertilizer Drill, Suntyne Drill, Sundelve Drill, Suntrail Harrows, Sunshine Cane Fertiliser Drill, Sunshine Maize Husker and Sheller, Sungrem Double Row Cotton See and Maize Planter and Straddle Row Cultivator, Sundrop, Sunshoe, Petrol Engines, Kerosene Engine, Sunshine Orchard Spraying Outfit, Sunshine Power Pumping Jack, Sunshine Saw Bench, Pedestal Counter Shaft, Sunshine Chaff Cutters, Sundigger, Sunglow, Sunshine High-Wheel Spring Tyne Cultivator, Sunshine High-Wheel Lucerne Renovator, Sunglow Orchard Cultivator, Sunjunior Cultivator, Tyne Points, Sunleaft Orchard Disc Plough, Sunnie Light Set Disc Plough, Sunray Heavy Set Disc Plough, Sunrise Stump-Jump Disc Plough, Sunshine No. 40 Disc Plough, Suncleave One-Way Disc Cultivating Plough, Sundercut Stump Jump Disc Cultivating Plough, Sunpearl Disc Harrow or Cultivator, Sun-King Straddle Disc Cultivator, Sunkid Pony Plough, Aurora One-Horse Plough, Sunstar Single Furrow Plough, Sunglint Single-Furrow Plough, Sunwrest Plough, Sunbird Plough, Sunrise Stump-Jump Mouldboard Plough, Sunlock Mouldboard Plough, Sunshine Field Roller, Sunride Harrow Cart, Sunshine Diamond Harrows, Sunjump Stump-Jump Harrows, Sunbury Stump Jump Harrows, Sunshine Chain and Pulley Yokes, Swingletrees, Sack Dumping Trucks, Sunshine Tubular Field Truck, Sunshine Bag Loader, Bishop's Patent Two-in-One Combined Hand Truck and Trolley, Plough Shares, Sunshine Metal Gates,

Inside back cover states that "Sunshine Implements are the best known and most highly esteemed implements in the Commonwealth. They are lowest in price, but highest in value." The final sentence states: "Liberal Cash Discount, or Easy Extended Terms".

Physical Description

Pocket sized stapled booklet, entitled 'The Sunshine Harvester Works/The Largest Farm Implement Works in Australia', 38 pages, line drawings. Front cover features an idealised illustration of a farmer on a reaper and binder within an Art Deco-style frame.


'The Sunshine Harvester Works' 'The Largest Farm Implement Works in Australia'

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