Small catalogue featuring the complete product range from Sunshine Harvester Works; "The largest farm implement works in Australia". The title page is printed in full color featuring an illustration of the 'Sunshine Reaper and Binder' in use. The scene is quite serene and cleverly depicts the products ability to produce a clean cut field.

The booklet provides an overview of the farming machinery manufactured by H. V. McKay at Sunshine. The products are listed with their own drawing and brief description.

This type of publication was probably produced as an introductory selling tool. As a pocket sized booklet, this would have likely been used by a salesperson. As there are no prices listed the agent would have been able to flick through this booklet with the customer whilst elaborating on the products on offer. The compact size indicates that it may have also been mailed to prospective customers. Throughout the catalogue there are references to specific product catalogues that are available on request.



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