Trade publication: 'The Sunshine Harvester Works', 1926. Octavo sized stapled booklet, 14 pages, illustrated with enhanced black and white photographs and line drawings. Cover of booklet features a colour enhanced photograph of a horsedrawn Sunshine harvester in heavy and high crop. The rear cover has a coloured enhanced photograph of the rear view of a Sunshine reaper.

Page four has a black and white photograph of H. V. McKay with the text: 'Hugh Victor McKay, C.B.E. 1865-1926/Founder of the Sunshine Harvester Works/His life's work was devoted to the production of Implements which added Agriculture and benefited the Farmers of Australia.'

A detailed description of the 'Sunshine Harvester Works' and its history is included in the first two pages. Some of the details include the following data: 35 acres, 2,000 workers, annual consumption of raw materials 12,000 tons of steel, over two million super feet of seasoned timber, annual salaries greater than 800,000 pounds, 4,000 inhabitants live in Sunshine, Ballarat established in 1894 and built up to a workforce of 400 workers by 1905, the production at Ballarat was confined to Stripper Harvesters, Horseworks and Chaffcutters. The relocation to Sunshine enabled the expansion of production to include tillage impliments, seeding machinery, internal combustion engines, etc.

A brief history and description of the following implements are included: Sunshine Stripper Harvester, Sunshine Header Harvester, Sunshine Auto Header Harvester, Sunshine Stump Jump Disc Plough, Sunshine One-Way Disc Cultivators, Combined Drill and Cultivator, Sunshine Repears and Binders, Petrol Engines, Harrows, A total list of all implements and equipment manufactured at Sunshine is on the last page.

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Octavo sized stapled booklet with 14 pages, illustrated with enhanced black and white photographs and line drawings.



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