Paper tape program part of a collection of paper tape programs used for input to CSIRAC. This is a program tape.

This program integrated the heat conduction equation for a vertical column of ice, with input data applicable to large ice sheets such as Antarctica or Greenland. The temperature gradient near the surface of the ice is an indication of climate change. The temperature at the base of the column indicated the possible presence of melting. This program confirmed the presence of lakes at the base of the ice near Vostok station in Antarctica.

The collection includes the original University of Melbourne Computation Laboratory Paper Tape Library of tapes of subroutines and programs, and program and data tapes from staff and outside users.
Most of the paper tapes were 12-track punched paper tapes. 5 hole paper tapes were used primarily for data input and output rather than program input.
Each tape has a 'T' number. The Computation Laboratory Paper Tape Library consisted of tapes with a tape number less than 700. There were not 700 tapes but the number 700 was arbitrarily chosen to separate the Computation Laboratory Library tapes from user tapes. Tapes 800 to 899 belonged to John Spencer.

UMJ 340 Transient Temp. Profiles, T766 (the T number is an identifier) was kept in Box 210 in the Pigeon Hole Unit (Paper Tape Library) but was not part of the Official Paper Tape Library. The original Box 210 has been lost.

Details of this tape:
Application D. Jenssen
Further information may be found in the headers of either the .CVT or .TSP files.

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