Kodak Archive
Series 3 - Property & Buildings
Sub-Series 1 - 'Abbotsford Building Survey and Land Sales'
File 11 - 'Survey of Abbotsford - Factory Buildings'.
Site Plan - 'Survey of Abbotsford and Surrounds- Factory Buildings'

Site Plan of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd's Abbotsford factory, titled 'General Factory Layout', 12 January 1956.

This site plan or blueprint shows the various buildings and manufacturing departments located at Kodak's Abbotsford factory, a few years before the factory was relocated to a new greenfields site in Coburg, a suburb in the north of Melbourne. Included on the plan are references to the Film Store, Emulsion Department, Plate Department, Paper Coating, Gelatine Store, Silver Nitrate & Silver Recovery, Film Coating, X-Ray Coating, Kodachrome, Despatch, Boiler Room and offices.

The factory was self-sufficient in many ways and, as this plan shows, it had its own Sub-stations, Engineer's Shop, Maintenance Store, and Pipe Fitters, Plumbers and Electricians departments. It also ran its own Reel Production and Box Making departments, and maintained a Garage and provided car parking for staff. It operated a canteen for staff and a dining room for executives, as well as a casualty centre for injured workers. The company also owned dwellings that were rented by employees, on Bond Street, Duke Street and South Audley Street.

This site plan is part of the Kodak Archive, Series 3 'Property & Buildings', Sub-Series 1 'Abbotsford Building Survey and Land Sales', and File 11 'Survey of Abbotsford - Factory Buildings'. Series 3 contains documents, maps and photographs relating to property and buildings that are connected with Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd sites around Australia. It has a number of sub-series which are organised according to state and then the particular Kodak site. Sub-Series 1 in Series 3 contains documents, maps and photographs relating to land sales and building development which are connected to Kodak's Abbotsford factory site.

Physical Description

Site plan or blueprint of Kodak Abbotsford factory printed in black ink with white text and plan drawings. It is attached to a brown folder via a metal clasp at the top, and it folds down to fit into this folder.


This site plan is the only plan relating to the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd Abbotsford factory that has been identified so far within the Kodak Heritage Collection held at Museum Victoria, and as such is an important guide to the functions and layout of the Kodak factory during the mid 20th century. The site underwent multiple developments as it expanded from its establishment in the late 19th century until the factory was moved to Coburg in the late 1950s.

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