A man pointing out things to a man and a woman while seated in the stands of the Olympic Velodrome, which is under preparations for the Olympic Games held in Melbourne in 1956. In the background, workmen are preparing the track.

This image is part of the Laurie Richards Collection at Museum Victoria comprising approximately 85,000 negatives taken by the Melbourne based Laurie Richards Studio between the 1950s -1970s. These negatives are all mostly large format [5"x 4"/ 12.5 x 10 cm], black and white images, though a significant number are in colour. The many photographic jobs that were undertaken in the course of thirty years are itemised in a set of log books, copies of which are also held by Museum Victoria.

Description of Content

Velodrome at Olympic Park showing two men and a woman in the grandstand in the foreground. Trees and buildings are shown in the background.

Physical Description

Black and white cellulose acetate negative.

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