Postcard folder featuring colour postcards of Yosemite National Park in the USA. The postcard folder was sent on 7 December 1949 by Henry Foote, Kodak Australasia Chief Managing Director and Chairman, to Kodak Australasia employee Mrs H Clark at the Kodak factory in Abbotsford. The postcard folder was sent while Mr Foote was on a business trip in 1949 to the Eastman Kodak headquarters at Rochester, New York in the USA,

The booklet was published by Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angelos, California.

Mrs Clark was the chef for the directors' dining room at the Kodak factory, and her husband, Mr Henry (Harry) Clarke, worked first in silver recovery and later as a gardener in the grounds. The couple and their son Harry Junior lived on site at the Kodak factory in Abbotsford, Melbourne from 1938 until 1952, residing in the 'Yarra Grange' cottage. This cottage which was the original home of Thomas Baker who founded Baker and Rouse, a photographic manufacturing company that was later bought out by Kodak Australasia, and which established the first manufacturing works on the Abbotsford site.

Physical Description

Postcard folder with 16 foldout colour postcards of Yosemite National Park, attached to an envelope also printed with a colour illustration of Yosemite. The foldout postcards have a white border and text at top and bottom in the border. Front of booklet has two stamps, postmark and handwritten address, while inside flap has a handwritten message. The inside of the envelope is printed with information about Yosemite National Park.

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