One of nine photographs taken by Robert Cutting on 25 April 2010 of the Newmarket Saleyards. These photographs were commissioned by the Kensington Community Group for use in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Newmarket Saleyards to be celebrated in 2011. The photographs document the Newmarket site from a current (2010) perspective.

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Image of Newmarket Saleyards, showing heritage listed Peppercorn tree on the northern side of Epsom Road, between the Saleyards and Abattoirs, along the Stock Route. Peppercorn trees, elms and native eucalypts were abundantly planted at the Newmarket Saleyards, especially along walkways and near grazing areas, providing shade and protection from strong winds.


These photographs document were commissioned in preparation for the 150th anniversary in 2011 to be used as a tool to educate, acknowledge and promote the historical significance of the Newmarket Saleyards to the local community and media.

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