Mr Martin Spencer-Hogbin using his sextant. One of six black and white copy negatives depicting ships and maritime navigational tools that relate to Mr Martin Spencer-Hogbin's seafaring career.

Born in England in 1924 Martin Spencer-Hogbin spent his working life in the shipping industry working primarily for the Blue Funnel Line. In 1957 Martin decided to immigrate to Australia from England, believing it would be a better place to raise children. He travelled via a free passage on the Blue Funnel Line, with his wife and two daughters following as full fare paying immigrants. In Australia he was a superintendent for FG Strang, a stevedoring company, of which he later became director. Martin retired in 1987 and settled in Armadale, Victoria.

The Hezzanith Endless Tangent Screw Automatic Clamp Sextant depicted in the image was made by Heath & Co New Eltham, London. It was purchased by Martin Spencer-Hogbin in a second hand shop in London around 1946.

Martin used the sextant until he retired from shipboard life in 1957. The sextant is an item prized by its owner, and according to Martin all officers had their own, this one has the '00' corrections which are highly valued. Martin brought the sextant with him when he migrated to Australia in 1957 as a precious personal object, a connection to his shipboard work and as a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in its own right.

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Mr Martin Spencer-Hogbin in uniform using his sextant on board a ship, circa 1950.

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120mm black and white copy negative film.

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