Apprentice's Indenture Certificate issued to Martin Spencer-Hogbin on 20 January 1942. The Certificate states Martin is indentured to Alfred Holt and Co, England for 4 years from 20 January 1942, to learn the business of a seaman. The Certificate also includes cancellation of indenture on 21 June 1945 with Martin obtaining his Temporary Second Mate's Certificate.

Born in England in 1924 Martin Spencer-Hogbin spent his working life in the shipping industry working primarily for the Blue Funnel Line. In 1957 Martin decided to immigrate to Australia from England, believing it would be a better place to raise children. He travelled via a free passage on the Blue Funnel Line, with his wife and two daughters following as full fare paying immigrants. In Australia he was a superintendent for FG Strang, a stevedoring company, of which he later became director. Martin retired in 1987 and settled in Armadale, Victoria.

Physical Description

Apprentice's Indenture Certificate belonging to Martin Spencer-Hogbin. Indenture is handwritten, and printed on a cloth paper, which has been folded down into eight parts. At the bottom on the certificate are three signatures with a circular red wax seal beside each signature. On the other side of the certificate is a typed statement for the cancellation the indenture for the obtainment of Martin Spencer-Hogbin's Second Mate's Certificate. A blue stamp with the date, and the Port of Birkenhead is below the statement.

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