Female figure, constructed from found material, including wood and cloth, dressed for a feast. The doll was made by an eight year old girl from the Lahfart village, Tiznit Province, in 2009. According to the donor 'This doll has a special feature: three strips cut out in the (central) reed (which can be slightly splayed) in an oblique position so that the doll can stay upright.'

It is part of a group of traditional toys collected in the Anti-Atlas area of Morocco by Belgium Socio-cultural Anthropologist Jean-Pierre Rossie, during the period 2005-2011.

Physical Description

Female figure constructed from found material including reed and cloth. Her face is drawn on reed in red and black. She wears a long silver dress with gold overlaid detail, tied at the waist and across chest with string, and a colourful head scarf with long black extension down back. Cuts in the reed allow her to stand upright.

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