Toy car, constructed from found material, including a metal sardine can, cardboard, scrap wood and plastic bottle lids. It was made by an eight year old boy from the Douar Ouaraben village, in 2007.

The name 'Jawal' on the card inside the car, with a barcode and recharge code, is probably a phone card from the Jawwal Palestine Cellular Communications company.

It is part of a group of traditional toys collected in the Anti-Atlas area of Morocco by Belgium Socio-cultural Anthropologist Jean-Pierre Rossie, during the period 2005-2011.

Physical Description

Toy car with body made from a metal sardine can; red, yellow and white plastic bottle lids form the wheels. A metal stick extends from the front for pulling, with off-white cord around. A printed white card with barcode - likely a phone card - has been placed inside the car body; another card is visible beneath.

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