Scrapbook that was compiled by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd. It contains approximately 308 archival items produced January 1946 - December 1946.

The archival items include promotional clippings and advertisement proofs for Kodak products. The products and subjects include Kodak developing and printing services, Kodak enlarging services and Kodak photographic film.

Advertising slogans include 'SNAPSHOTS AHEAD! Until we are able to supply ALL the KODAK Film you need, take your snapshots with extra care. Take only the shots you will want to keep permanently, and those your friends will treasure' and 'We are looking forward to the return of full supplies of Kodak film.' The topics covered in the newspaper clippings mostly refer to the provision of Kodak film and the return of supplies to pre-war standards. Advertising material prepared by Kodak Australasia Pty. Ltd.

Advertising clippings and proofs relate to the following publications:
Argus, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Launceston Examiner, Melbourne Herald, Newcastle Sun, Sunday Sun, The Advertiser, The Age, The Cairns Post, The Central Q'ld Herald, The Courier Mail, The Mail, The Mercury, The Morning Bulletin Rock, The News, The Sun, The West Australian, Truth.

Kodak manufactured and distributed a wide range of photographic products to Australasia, such as film, paper, chemicals, cameras and miscellaneous equipment. Its client base included amateur and professional photographers, as well as specialist medical and graphic art professionals who used photography, x-ray and other imaging techniques.

This scrapbook is part of the Kodak collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Physical Description

Large paper rectangular scrapbook with 100 paper pages plus front and back cover. The last 80 pages have been left blank. The scrapbook is bound with 4 metal staples covered by a strip of card, containing press advertisements. Clippings mostly glued in, some adhesive tape. A portion of the front page has been torn off and is stored loosely in the box containing the scrapbook.The proofs, mostly in black and white have been taken from newspapers. The promotional materials range in size from 99 mm (W) x 204 mm (H) to 153 mm (W) x 211 mm (H). included in the scrapbook are typed indices that detail the source and date that the clippings were collected.

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