A 16mm motion picture film featuring a television advertisement for Kodachrome II colour film. It begins with a timeline of 'revolutionary' Kodak inventions, ending in 1962 with the introduction of Kodachrome II. This advertisement has an extended ending featuring a piece-to-camera of a man in an office explaining the benefits of ASA 25 Kodachrome film. This commercial was screened in 1962, but possibly produced in 1961 for Berry Currie Advertising (Vic), who were commissioned by Kodak Australasia.

This film is part of the Kodak collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Kodak manufactured and distributed a wide range of photographic products to Australasia, such as film, paper, chemicals, cameras and miscellaneous equipment. Its client base included amateur and professional photographers, as well as specialist medical and graphic art professionals who used photography, x-ray and other imaging techniques.

Description of Content

Advertisement for Kodachrome II.

Physical Description

16MM cellulose acetate motion picture film; Black and White; Television commercial (TVC); Optical sound; 1961

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Kodak Heritage Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Images & Image Making, Working Life & Trades

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Ms. Kate Metcalf - Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd, 2005

  • Acknowledgement

    Courtesy of Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd.

  • Organisation Depicted

    Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd, 173 - 199 Elizabeth Street, Coburg, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1961 - 1962

  • Agent

    Berry Currie Advertising (VIC.) Pty Ltd, 252 Collins Street, Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1961 - 1962

  • Producer

    Cambridge Film Productions Pty Ltd, Australia, 1961 - 1962

  • Recording Details

    Commercial TV, 00:01:30 HH:MM:SS, Excellent, 16MM cellulose acetate motion picture film; B&W; Television commercial (TVC); Optical sound; 1961

  • Content Summary

    1, 00:00:00 HH:MM:SS, Leader countdown.,2, 00:00:15 HH:MM:SS, Garden scene. Man in long coat and hat in foreground, holding a camera. Woman in background on picnic rug raising a parasol. White text fades in '1888',3, 00:00:18 HH:MM:SS, Close up of portable bellows camera in man's hands. "...Kodak produced the first snapshot camera for the family",4, 00:00:20 HH:MM:SS, Close up of man's face speaking and smiling.,5, 00:00:21 HH:MM:SS, Woman with parasol smiles for the camera.,6, 00:00:23 HH:MM:SS, Shot of pack of Kodachrome film with superimposed white text reading '1935'. Voice over: "In 1935 Kodak introduced the now famous Kodachrome colour film...",7, 00:00:26 HH:MM:SS, Man and woman in darkened room with a movie projector running between them, facing to camera. Woman smiles and talks.,8, 00:00:30 HH:MM:SS, Animated starry background with superimposed white text reading '1962'. This cuts to a distant image of a Kodachrome II film pack which moves towards the screen and into focus. It then moves back to the left and an image of Kodachrome movie film appears next to it. Voice over: "And now in 1962 Kodak opens up a new world of colour with Kodachrome II film for both colour slides and movies" The voice over goes to on explain the benefits of the film and superimposed white text runs in unison. The text reads: '2 1/2 times as fast / Truer colour / Sharper. pictures' Voice over: "These extras are yours at no increase in price",9, 00:00:48 HH:MM:SS, Cross fade to man leaning over desk in an office, with a camera and stand on the left of screen, and wall-mounted photographs in the background. He speaks to camera about Kodak developing Kodachrome II.,10, 00:00:57 HH:MM:SS, Close up of man placing Kodachrome II film next to a box of Kodachrome II movie film on a desk. He verbally explains that Kodachrome is available in 35mm for slides and 8mm for movies.,11, 00:01:01 HH:MM:SS, Mid shot of man talking to camera. Pans across as he walks and points at photos on the wall. White text is superimposed on screen with each point he makes. The text reads as follows: 'STOP FASTER ACTION', 'SHARPER IMAGES - LESS GRAIN'.,12, 00:01:13 HH:MM:SS, Same close up of film on desk as earlier but with superimposed white text explaining the film size. Voice over: "You can buy Kodachrome II colour film with no increase in price at any Kodak dealers now",13, 00:01:25 HH:MM:SS, Cuts to back and end leader tape.

  • Format

    Moving Film, 16 mm, Black & White

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    Manufacturing & industry, Photographic products, Promotional materials

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    History & Technology

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    Photography, Manufacturing, Advertising, Motion Picture Films, Television Production, Photographic Film