Company Christmas card, sent by State Savings Bank of Victoria branch manager Keith Morter. Features a full-colour reproduction of an artwork titled 'Pony Club, Camperdown' by Dorothy Sutton.

The card belonged to Harold 'Keith' Morter who spent his whole working life at the State Savings Bank of Victoria. Through the course of his long and successful career and subsequent retirement, Keith saved a number of mementos of the bank. Keith's collection not only provides insight into one man's working life, it also covers some important periods in Australian banking history, including the introduction of cheque accounts, the opening of small branches across the State, and the adoption of decimal currency.

Description of Content

Three rows of men, all wearing business suits. The front row is seated on a bench, the second row standing on the ground, and the third row standing on a bench. They are outdoors and there are trees in the background.

Physical Description

White card, folded at centre. On front, the State Savings Bank logo. On inside left page a message of good wishes, and on the inside right page a reproduction of a 19th century country scene with groups of men, women and children mingling in a garden, a brick cottage in the background.

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