Copy of a medal of Girolamo Savonarola in two halves. The original medal was made before 1498 and is attributed to the "Florentine School". This Electrotype copy made circa 1881 by Robert Ready. The original meda was exhibited in the King's Library of the British Museum in 1881 and is No. 61 in the catalogue of that exhibition. It is thought that this electrotype was produced in association with that exhibition and publication and acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria where it was displayed in the late 1880s.

"The rev. legends express the predictions of Savonarola in the cases of Florence persisting in, or repenting of, her sins, (1) "The sword of the Lord shall come upon the land soon and suddenly;" (2) "The Spirit of the Lord shall come upon the land fully and abundantly." King's Library Catalogue, 1881 p.29

Obverse Description

Half-figure of Girolamo Savonarola in monastic dress, holding crucifix in both hands; around . HIERONYMVS . SAVO . FER . ORD . PRE . VIR . DOCTISSIMVS

Reverse Description

Divided into two compartments. At right, a sword held above Florence by hand from the clouds; around at right, GLADIVS . DOMINI . SVPE . TERA . CITO . ET VELOCITER; At left, the Holy Dove breathing down blessings over Florence; around at left, SPIRITVS . DNI . SVP . TERRA . COPIOS ET HABVDAT

Edge Description


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